Peachtree Friends Meeting


We welcome all to attend our weekly meeting for worship every Sunday at 10:30AM. The worship reflects the traditional silent, waiting worship typical of the early Quakers. When led to do so, anyone may speak, pray, sing, or read a favorite passage aloud.

We are an independent QuakerMeeting, and truly invite you to an affirming and welcoming place of quiet reflection, whether you are older, younger, or middle-aged; Christian or simply seeking to enhance your own spiritual walk; black, white, Asian, Latino, single, married, divorced, straight, gay, etc., --- we embrace all to share with us a place of equality and acceptance in the name of Christ!


3980 Florida Ave.

Peachtree Corners,(Norcross)

GA 30360

A Quaker Worship Center

Formerly known as

Chattahoochee Monthly Meeting -

Now Re-Organized

(678) 408-7239